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Poschengband game mechanic questions

It seems odd to have these in either char dumps or the various version threads (where it makes sense for quickly changing newly developed stuff, but not so much the basics).

So, since I have a bunch of them, here goes:

* Resists stack - that's understood. But how exactly does what stack?
** Item protection from double/triple fire/cold/lightning/acid resist: Multiple checks? Percentage?
** Same question for confusion, shards etc.
** I've read that regenerate stacks. But my experience seems to show that hold life does not appear to stack (my current char has 5 or so and still occasionally gets drained)
** Do sustains stack? Anti-Magic? Reflection?

* What (if anything) prevents warping from gravity? Other than, presumably, NoTele - is it levitate? If so, does it stack, and how?
* What prevents slowing from intertia?

* Is there any benefit to one of the ESPs if you have telepathy?

* Checking winning warriors and berserkers, it seems that all of them use Terror Mask - I always found (in old Z!) that rnd tele basically makes an item unusable. Is there a way to prevent this or does everyone just take this risk?

* Where does one best farm the essential things required deep down? Namely !heal/*heal, !life, !res?

* How do people optimize their gear? With a growing stack in the house, it becomes worse and worse to track what items have what properties. ~9 and the inscriptions help to a degree, but even with those, it becomes rather tedious to figure out optimal (for a purpose, of course) configurations. This was simpler in old Z when it either was "resist" or "immune" - now that stacking resists and other things matters more, this becomes a problem for me.

I'm sure there'll be more, but I don't want to overwhelm folks - perhaps we can establish this thread as some sort of knowledge base for curious Posch players!
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