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Originally Posted by Rudiment View Post
I discovered a minor bug. Sometimes i throw away junk from my inventory via 'v' button. If there is a wall (which hero cant see) on path of flying object then object may pass through it and appear right behind the wall.
Well even *uck this bug. During another level up my chaos-warrior receive characteristics swap and now my str and int is low as fu*k but now i have high charisma and wisdom. Result is rage quit. Fuc* this chaos-warior. 90% of level up gift are totaly useless
7.0.peppermint, which will be released tomorrow, offers a no_scrambling birth option that prevents stat swaps if turned on. (Other bad things may happen instead... but at least they're not permanent.)

Thanks for the bug report; bostock reported the same thing on last week, it will also be fixed in 7.0.peppermint.
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