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* Rebalanced shop shuffling. The cheap shuffling introduced in ComPosband allowed characters to acquire silly piles of extremely powerful consumables very easily, as long as they found a dungeon shop and had enough money. The cheap shuffling has been retained, but many of the most powerful items (like !Healing, !*Healing*, !Life, stat potions, ?Genocide, ?MassGenocide and !NewLife) can no longer be generated on a shuffle. Also, Black Market shuffling is more expensive now
I do not now if this is related to rebalancing, but I have noticed that !heroism became extremely rare for me, and since they are very cheap it probably means that they are easy to make and they should be available almost all the times.

My Klackon monk has no rFear gear and relies on !heroism so far.
As kt making better in time to time
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