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You'll probably see this ongoing pattern from me nowadays:
Melee-based Ares parentage Skillmasters with my aforementioned routine for THESE reasons:
[1] I am guaranteed to get Ares' Helm, though I want it ASAP, [2] which lets me eventually ultimately do >2000 melee damage on a regular basis

But #1 is good enough for me and my playstyle anyways.

In the upcoming weeks, I might not have all that much free time anymore due to RL stuff. So with the time I have now, once I get Ares' Helm (doable within < 1 week), that's good enough for me to put PosChengband away in the shelf when that time comes....even if I don't actually win the game!

[For the record, I beat PosChengband only once after 8356 Possessors and won it with the 8356th one!!]
Hugo = usually plays Halo, PosChengband and its Forks, and Sil

My YouTube channel, where I'm known as YggdrasilTid (includes my PosChengband gameplay+music):

My most recent good try at PosChengband 7.0.0's nightmare-mode on

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