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Wink New to Angband kindof

Hi guys new to Angband kindof I've already beaten the game twice. Forgive if this stuff has already been answered but I've got some questions I just don't understand some of them might be bugs?

1: Warrior description says it gets immunity to fear. But my warriors don't get immunity to fear?
2: Putting wands, staves, potions and scrolls that aren't identified into town home and looking at them reveals what they do(looking at). I didn't bother making an account last version because I thought someone would catch that but it's still in the game this version. Surely that's a bug right?
3: What does the X3 at the beginning of bows do?
4: I've got a randart that is branded with weak electric and cold. If a monster doesn't resist both does it take even more damage?

Fantastic game by the way!
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