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Originally Posted by Aristobulus View Post
My current character (in sig) has been substantially drained of his strength and I don't know the means to restore it.

Any help would be great.
(1) Buy some food.
(2) Take the stairs down
(3) Rest 9999
(4) Eat
(5) Rest 9999
(6) Eat and go back up

Check the weapon shop for a longbow, and the alchemist for enchant weapon scrolls and your potion. Keep 700 AU in reserve for bow and potion and sundries, can spend the rest on enchant scrolls. Read them on your longbow or *thanc, whichever is enchanted less.

Lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

If you have difficulty avoiding str drainers, next time play a half-troll. They are almost as good as dwarves and have intrinsic sustain strength.
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