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Why hasn't Rubberband been released yet?

So someone out there may be wondering "Why did will_asher keep talking about this new variant he was working on and then (mostly) disappear again?"

Short answer:
I do this for fun. Customizing and tweaking the game is fun. Hunting down how to fix a crash bug is not.

Longer answer:
I've been having trouble with feeling like I have no energy when I come home from work. While the first 0.1 version of Rubberband has been _almost_ ready to release for a few months now, it has a crash bug that I haven't figured out how to fix. And I haven't gathered the motivation to keep working on fixing it. I've used what motivation I have for more important things. Hopefully, I'll get back to it, fix the bug, and finally release RubberBand, but I don't know when.
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