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Literally anything that gives more AC or is lighter than your pseudo-DSM would be better, since all of its resists are redundant. Simplest would be to find some Dwarven armor with +2 CON, which would max you out on HP. In the meantime you might as well wear Thalkettoth for the +3 speed.

Otherwise, you'll want a copy of Wrath of God, since Banish Evil and Word of Destruction are both valuable spells. You also should have been saving all of your Potions of Speed at home for most of the game and been relying on a Staff of Speed instead; you need those potions for fighting Morgoth. 4 is far too few.

For damage, you have an excellent stash of attack wands which should be able to do all the necessary heavy lifting (combined with casting Recharge when Morgoth isn't around). Stay out of melee; not only do Sauron and Morgoth drain charges with their melee attacks, but you're probably not accurate enough to deal much damage that way. If you run out of charges and still need to hurt things, Orb of Draining, or using your Sling, are your best bets. Speaking of which, you should be checking out any nice sling ammo you find to see what its damage per round is. Your sling doesn't have much +to-dam, but being able to fire 3 times per round is an excellent bonus.

Good luck!
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