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I mostly agree with Derakon here, with the caveat that if I had a bit more stealth, on a rogue I might actually be more interested in the resists simply on the grounds that if you're capable enough of picking your fights, at some point you're better off expanding the pool of monsters you can fight trivially (which is what immunity, and to a lesser extent, high resists do) than you are in instakill prevention or in expanding the pool of monsters you can fight safely (which is what extra hp does).

Of course, with swaps you can get almost all the advantages of the immunity ring while keeping the most important advantages of the CON ring, so I would agree with Derakon that that's the best play. Personally, I have had the patience, presence of mind, and loose pack space to carry swaps maybe once or twice, and they were always weapons, and I still forgot to use them most of the time anyway.
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