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Originally Posted by DGoldDragon28 View Post
For some reason, this thread stopped sending me notifications. I will try to address these issues, but it is much more helpful for me if issues are posted in the GitHub tracker.

As a side note, I am a D&D player. I see this game as very different from D&D for many reasons, but calling things 'D&D-style crap' is not exactly a way to get me to agree with you one something. '4th edition-style crap' may help though. xD
My apologies. I've been salty over this change for many many years, and well, I have a bad sense of humor, and try to make jokes about things I don't like. May seem weird, I know.

I don't know enough about D&D editions so understand what was added in what edition, but I wasn't trying to nuke D&D, I was just trying to make a terrible joke about something that personally killed this variant for me, and I used to love playing it so much.

For the longest time, it was my favorite variant.
I'm sorry for still being irritable over it.
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