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If it's V/old-style variant and your @ is still alive:

Press Shift+C in-game for the character description. It should say something like 'f' to file, so press f to create the dump, enter the filename you want (or keep the default name). Locate the newly created character dump on (look under 'files', the second icon on the top-right, or directly try an URL like[insert-username]/angband/[insert.version.number]/[insert-filename]). Download that file to your computer using your browser's normal file-saving command (likely Ctrl+S). Go to ladder or ongoing competition, make sure you are logged in, click 'Browse...' (or local-language equivalent) to the right of where it says "Character dump text file", locate and select the dump you just downloaded. Add the character's name and your comments where appropriate, then click 'Post it!'.

If it's V/old-style variant and your @ is dead:

The tombstone screen is the last opportunity to create a dump, press 'f' on the tombstone screen then proceed as above. If you missed doing that, too late, you can no longer get a dump for that character.

If it's Frog/Compos/Opos/Pos/Ellipos and your @ is alive:

Press Shift+C in-game for the character sheet, press '|', insert the filename you want, make sure the filename ends in .html. Request help if for some reason you cannot type the | character. Proceed as above.

If it's Frog/etc. and your @ is dead:

Press ~ then Shift+H in-game for the hall of fame, press Ctrl-D to get the most recently updated characters, locate the one you want, press the letter indicated on the left, then press '|' and proceed as above.
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