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Fire an item (f) help out of date?

The help text in 'command.txt' for "Fire an item" appears to be mostly "Throw an item" (e.g. much of it is inaccurate).

Fire an item (f) or Fire an item (t)
        You may throw any object carried by your character.  Depending on
        the weight, it may travel across the room or drop down beside you.
        Only one object from a pile will be thrown at a time.  Note that
        throwing an object will often cause it to break, so be careful!
        If you throw something at a creature, your chances of hitting it
        are determined by your pluses to hit, your ability at throwing,
        and the object's pluses to hit.  Once the creature is it, the
        object may or may not do any damage to it.  You've heard rumors
        that some objects found in the dungeon can do huge amounts of
        damage when thrown, but you're not sure which objects those
        are....  Note that flasks of oil will do a fairly large chunk
        of damage to a monster on impact, supposedly representing fire
        damage, but it works against fire elementals too - not that it's 
        exactly worth it by that stage of dungeon exploration.  If you are
        wielding a missile launcher compatible with the object you are
        throwing, then you automatically use the launcher to fire the
        missile with much higher range, accuracy, and damage, than you
        would get by just throwing the missile.  Fire or Throw requires
        a direction.  Targeting mode (see the next command) can be invoked
        with "*" at the "Direction?" prompt.  This command takes some energy.
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