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My dwarven warriors keep getting massacred by druids and packs of white wolves. Any tips for ironman mode with a race that has low stealth?

Here are a few observations:

- You'll be surprised about all the monsters that are lame in the normal game but turn totally deadly in ironman (ie; those green glutton ghosts!!).

- Summoners are doubly as bad in ironman. And the same goes for monsters that appear with friends (things like the kobold lord deserve some respect now).

- confu/sleep/fear/slow wands will save your life.

... but only in the first levels.

- You want to beat Smeagol and Wormtongue as soon as you see them.

- Detect doors and stairs has never been as important. You want to know where you'll be running to if things get ugly. Detecting doors is also a good way to know where those nasty 'Z's are.

Also, I don't know if this bug was already reported, but the "start with more gold instead of equipment" birth option doesn't appear to do what it is supposed to? (You start without both the equipment and the gold).
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