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"That dwarven racket!!"

I tried playing a kobold rogue, even though I never play rogues, and it went a lot better... except for when I read that scroll of aggravate monster and woke up that *HUGE* pack of cave spiders. !cure light wounds ?phase, nothing could save that boy.

Conclusion: Always read unID'ed scrolls while standing on the downstairs.

... and I don't remember ever getting killed by a scroll of aggravate monsters before.

Potions of oil seem a lot more powerful than one might think. Cheap, and somewhat good ranged weapon... but do I even have a chance of bringing down Smeagol or Wormtongue with these? If they drop something good enough, the poor guy might even stand a chance...

EDIT: No, they just shrug them off.
He hit me for HOW MUCH?????

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