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Curses feature branch

...coming real soon now. Maybe a week.

The last month I have not had a lot of time for coding, and I have made the curse system "very general" (read unnecessarily complex). It has reached the point where pretty much all the code is in place to make curses work, and cursed items can be generated, put on and noticed, and the player's knowledge of curses is tracked correctly, and it doesn't seem to crash any more.

I still need to do some tidying up of the mechanics, and then actually put in some new curses and add them sensibly to objects, egos and artifacts.

I won't give full details now, but the rough outline is
  • curses have variable power on different items
  • curse removal spells and scrolls have differing strengths
  • curse removal targets a particular item, and rolls spell strength against curse power
  • failure of removal leaves the object liable to be destroyed on future attempts (yes, even artifacts)
  • curses are runes
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