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I have now reached the point of looking at specifics of curses. I have some ideas, and would like some opinions.

Before ID-by-use became a thing, there used to be four basic ways of getting cursed objects:
  1. Basic objects which were always cursed. These were (I think) always jewellery - Amulets of DOOM, Rings of Weakness, etc
  2. Random cursed items. Any non-jewellery wearable item which wasn't an ego or an artifact had a chance to be cursed - light sticky curse and negative to-hit, to-dam, to-ac as appropriate.
  3. Cursed ego items. These were specific ego types with either a light or heavy sticky curse, negatives to-hit and to-dam or to-ac, and other bad properties like stat negatives, aggravation and experience drain - examples include boots of Slowness, armor of Vulnerability, weapons of Morgul.
  4. Cursed artifacts. These are the only cursed items still in 4.0, and they are largely unchanged, except they can only be uncursed by enchanting.

Since ID-by-use, gotcha sticky curses have been no longer desirable. However, rune-based ID changes the landscape considerably - if curses are runes, then the gotcha would only happen once, and after that the curse is always known. In this new regime, curses of type 1 and 2 above become pretty dull, and type 3 are more interesting (finding a weapon of Morgul is kind of cool), but still won't really affect gameplay.

So my ideas for curse implementation are as follows:
  • Most of the old cursed ego items (type 3) are reimplemented as individual curses. For example, the vulnerability curse would give the sticky property, a minus to ac, and aggravation. This is then interesting
    1. the first time you find it and
    2. when you find an item with it that would be useful if uncursed.
  • Curses can be applied to any non-artifact wearable (and probably restricted to specific equipment slots in some cases, so the dullness curse of -to INT and WIS would only apply to headgear). This restores type 2 curses in an interesting way, and you could find, for example, gloves of Free Action with the clumsiness curse.
  • Some of the old cursed egos (I'm thinking weapons of Morgul and launchers of the Nazgul) should be redesigned as mixed-blessing items, possibly with some removable and/or non-removable curses.
  • No sticky curse should ever be non-removable, except on the One and the Massive Iron Crown (and they should be up for discussion).
  • Curse removal magic should probably target a particular curse on a particular item, so the player can choose to leave some curses as they are rather than risk item destruction.
  • Some variant of the Topi Ylinen curse becomes a possibility

I'm finding these possibilities quite exciting - what do you think?
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