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The changes I made weren't necessarily proposed changes to Vanilla. Rather they were just the easiest way I could think of to drop damage output. (And I was capable of coding it with my meager skills) The reason extra shots was removed was because I couldn't find an implementable way of keeping it and balancing it.

Fractional shots as Derakon describes would probably be useful, and I think should be the approach we pursue. It does still have the problem of giving extra turns to archers as ewert points out. However, I'd rather see a 'reduce casting time' skill added than extra shots completely removed.

Reducing missile or launcher damage, reducing brand damage, and changing brands to additive are all acceptable. I don't have any preference for one over the other. The main point is to calculate how much damage you will be doing with an endgame launcher and (x3) branded seeker missiles, and get that down below 600. (Umbar and the Haradrim shield throws this off, but these things should be ringil or doomcaller rare.) Then figure out whether the approach works for the early and midgame as well.

Reducing missile to-dam did not affect the early game at all. It had some effect on the midgame, but missiles were still my preferred weapon. Especially wielding two rings of escaping. With the addition of the quiver, and the fact that you can carry branded ammo for all different occasions, you'd be amazed how much damage you can cut from archery and still have it viable.

Lastly, archery *should* be powerful, because it's tedious. Hunting for ammo and retrieving it are annoying, and if melee is much more powerful than archery, it won't be worth it. In fact, tracking archery damage per turn with expected melee damage is probably a reasonable approach. The advantage of fighting from a distance is counteracted by the annoyance of it.
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