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The new trap code is now in v4! Here is a summary of the changes so far:

1. Detection
	a. All characters have a detection radius of 1, or 2 when they search.
	b. Secret doors are always detected when they are within detection radius.
	c. Some races/classes have had their search skill changed, and WIS/INT both contribute to search skill.
	d. Mimics and Lurkers are detected if search skill surpasses 45 + DL/2.
	e. Traps are detected if search skill surpasses their hiddenness rating, which is approximately 35 + DL/2 +/- 5 for an average trap.
	f. Trap detection spells haven't been changed yet, nor has the DTrap border.
2. Evasion
	a. It is now possible to evade a trap if your DEX is high enough.
3. Trap types
	a. Traps now enforce a min level and a max level.
	b. Many traps have been split into multiple types, with deeper traps being more dangerous.
	c. Chest traps are completely gone.
4. Under the hood
	a. Traps have been removed from terrain.txt, and a new trap layer has been created.
	b. Some small amount of work has been done to make use of the terrain flags, and unhardcode terrain types. 
	(For example, try adding PWALK to the granite walls, and then walk right through them!)
I would encourage you to try to play without using trap detection. I haven't decided yet how I will deal with that exactly, but for the moment, I think the game is playable without it.

There are currently not very many kinds of "deep" traps -- only 3 kinds are possible after DL50. Fixing this is one of my first priorities, and I will be drawing from the trap brainstorming thread. You can add your own traps if you want them to use an effect that already exists.

I am also planning to work on the other 2 mechanical aspects of traps -- disarming and evasion. Eventually, a trap will have a rating for how hidden it is, how hard it is to disarm, and how hard it is to avoid setting it off. One of the thoughts I've had is that magical traps, like teleportation and summoning, could possibly be made so that they cannot be disarmed except by magical means. So you either avoid them completely, or try to tiptoe on to them and evade the trap.

Any comments, bug reports, etc. are welcome!
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