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I'm trying a singer next - my limited experience with it says it might even be better than my melee oriented build.

What are the major changes in 1.2 and 1.3? XP drop for arts is not major - I only had a handful, mostly mid game. Uniques again, look at my list of uniques. Not many. I could have easily obliterated morgoth at 5k turns, getting to him would have been near impossible though (the throne room is set up so badly, you can't help but blast him to oz with SOS). If song of slaying and the melee abilities have not changed much then surely 10k turns or less should be possible even if morgoth is harder?

Edit: singer/melee hybrid, I'm going to use subtlety, finesse, and other skills which synergize with those 2. Plus slaying, este, sharpness, and staying. If I'm right, my record should fall to XorzacIII . . .

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