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Talking Sil-Q Amiga on aBSiNTHE BBS

Hey guys, I'm the sysop of aBSiNTHE BBS, the badass Amiga board. I've compiled Sil-Q for Amiga 68k and added code to make it suitable to run on an Amiga CNET 5.x BBS. I also drew title art and a menu for it- I'm a text artist with iMPURE and Legacy Krew. You can play it online by pointing Syncterm for Win/Linux or Term 4.8 for Amiga to telnet:

You can also check out my Korean War RPG/roguelite Skyraiders there as well, coming soon to Kickstarter

Sil-Q is my favorite modern roguelike, so I'm excited to offer it on my board! See you there.

Image linking doesn't seem to work, so here is a URL to the title menu:!AgRDSSuqFAWkg1jQ...Ehwp9?e=iFn3lH

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