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I saw you updated the debugger for the external keyboard, thank you for that. If I'm understanding this correctly, every key is mapped to a number on the debugger. So, the issue I'm having is only with the diagnol keys on the right hand numerical pad. The numerical row on the top of the keyboard works fine. Here are the kay mappings to the diagnol keys that are not working.

7=122 (with numlock off)
9=92 (with numlock off)
1=123 (with numlock off)
3=93 (with numlock off)
5 =23 (with numlock off) - This one is weird. If I push it once, nothing happens. If I push it twice in a short period of time, then a menu pops up allowing me to select "Item", "Action Commands" "Manage Items" etc.

When I press any of these 4 keys from the right han numerical pad, nothing happens. I noticed that the beta version of FAangband in Termux has the same issue, if that is helpful at all (since FAangband is based on the Angband 4.2 I believe?) Please let me know if there is anything I can help out with.

Edit: Also having issues with the 5 key, adding that to the list.

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