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Archer is sort of like the equivalent of Warrior: they have the most raw power but not really any frills. Sniper, Weaponmaster and Ranger will all do worse damage by just standing still and shooting their enemy, but they'll get other things to make up for it.
Ranger can use magic spells for support, sniper can concentrate to charge up single super-powerful shots, slingmaster can shoot at every enemy he sees at once, crossbowmaster can fire crossbow bolts that knock enemies back or explode, and bowmaster can shoot arrows that disintegrate their way through intervening walls or ones that have a chance to instantly kill non-unique enemies.
The proper Archer doesn't have any of these powers, but he gets more shots per round than anyone else, and he gets the "create ammo" power to turn enemies' skeletons into free ammo, possibly even getting high-level egos.
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