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angband-tr 0.1 released

Angband-tr is a patch of Vanilla where the player incurs sorrow for killing monsters, but also has the ability to permanently terrify monsters rather than kill them.

The source code and more information are available here:

I playtested it enough that I can say that it's difficult in the early levels and gets easier for a while. I'm not the best / most motivated player, so the furthest I got was clevel 14. So I don't know how the later game goes. I would be impressed if anyone beat the game. But it's interesting to play just in the lower levels too.

I might make a version 0.2 at some point. Also I'm interested in applying 0.1 to the new Vanilla that's in the works once it becomes stable.

Thanks to Pete Mack for a suggestion about killing mushrooms. I made it so that they only give a token amount of sorrow (that way you can get rid of shrieker mushroom patches).
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