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Resist Screen Confusion

Hello everyone. Big roguelike fan--horrible player. Started playing Rogue in the mid-80s when I was 5 years old because my dad would play it (I couldn't really read yet so it made the game interesting...still play it every few years). I lurked on these forums years back when I was playing a lot of Sil (I could make it "reliably" to c. 600-700 depth in that game, made it to the 800s a few times but that was it).
Anyway, I've just started trying to play through Angband and am confused about how to read the information on the Character screen that lists all the resists. I assume it is indicating which equipment I have that contains what sort of resistances. The whole thing is Greek to me. I really have no idea and am simply relying on my equipment loadout to eye-ball what I currently am resistant to. Any help would be appreciated.
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