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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
I just finished 'Seveneves' by Neal Stephenson. Pretty cool SF story about the moon blowing up by some unknown phenomenon, and humankind's desperate struggle to survive the consequences of the remains of the moon crashing into earth. While it does get a bit uhh.. 'technical' at times, (which may not be a bad thing for the explored SF concepts, but also cause it to be a quite a bit to chew at times), it's still a good read.

Also been reading some books by Haruki Murakami. Very good, would recommend, especially the 'Wind up bird chronicles'. Probably best described as magical realism?. If 'wind up bird chronicles' appears too intimidating, maybe try something shorter first, like 'After Dark', to see if you like his style. Might also give you a feel if the translation is any good (unless you can read the original Japanese ).
I really liked Seveneves, especially the first parts which were spectacular. Neal Stephenson is awesome- my favorite is probably Cryptonomicon.

My lastest book was "How to tame a fox and build a dog" by Dugatkin and Trut. It's a popular science book about one of the longest-running science experiments- cool if you want to know about what it was like to do science in cold-war USSR, or if you are interested in evolution or animal behavior.
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