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So firstly: it's great to have someone putting together some analysis code, I am having a wee play with it. As someone who cherishes game balance, I really like getting some data analysis done.

However, there are some factors that aren't being tracked here which are relevant. The first is the cost of being surrounded - you get Evasion penalties based on being surrounded. Each enemy adjacent on the three sides opposite to your attacker brings your Evasion down by -2 and other adjacent enemies bring it down by -1.

So from a corridor perspective, if you have three enemies approaching on the left and one on the right, you want to kill the one on the right first, and quickly. Doing more damage counts for more than efficiently outdamaging one foe. This makes all the non-evasion options slightly better along with two handed weapons. I'd need to extend your code and run some simulations to say exactly how this changes things, but the more turns you spend surrounded, the worse you will fare - two enemies are hitting you at effectively +2 instead of one at +0.

The second issue I see is that mountain trolls are much more representative of the damage creatures deal at deeper depths; most enemies by 900 feet will outdamage them, often substantially. At the same time protection doesn't rise quite as fast: looking at the last three combat winners on the Sil ladder, their protection scores are:
8-22, 8-29, 6-20.

Typically hauberks are unloved as a result - that extra -1 to Melee and Evasion is too much to pay for 2 more protection.

In general, protection is hugely important early on and steadily less relevant by the late game.

Finesse works well with light weapons, high Melee and Momentum. If we have a 2lb 2d5 longsword, 4 strength and Momentum, Finesse outdamages Power against the Easterling warrior at the point your Melee outstrips their Evasion by +7 or better. The lower the weapon weight and the higher the dice sides, the more good Finesse does you (hence the combo with Momentum). With a 2d6 2lb longsword, a Ring of Damage and Momentum, Finesse beats Power for damage from a Melee/Evasion advantage of +3 onwards.

This is very relevant in the throne room when Song of Slaying can reach accuracy bonuses of +30 or higher, and in combination with Subtlety. It's also worth noting that unwary enemies react at half Evasion, and sleeping monsters have Evasion set to -5; a stealthy character opens at a bigger advantage using Finesse.

(Sil-Q has removed both momentum and Song of Slaying, so it's interesting for me to run the numbers and consider if Finesse maybe now needs a buff. Hauberks too perhaps could use some love.)

Oh, and there is a minor code issue I see - I presume you didn't know how monster criticals were calculated? It's treated as if every damage die represented 2 lbs of weapon so e.g a 2d8 attack would be equivalent to a 4 lb weapon would be 7+4 = 11 per critical.

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