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I don't have much experience with different playstyles in Sil and don't know a lot about what skilled players do, so what you say might be right.

My main point is that if I understand correctly, you wanted to nerf lighter weapons in Sil-Q to balance them relative to heavy weapons. So you took away Momentum and Damage rings, which makes sense. But at the same time, you buffed Subtlety by a huge amount. Why was that necessary? Did you get complaints that light weapons are underpowered? If so, you might consider buffing Subtlety by a smaller amount, say, a reduction of 2.5 instead of 3.

A few comments:

(a) A lot depends on how one builds up a character and what items the game provides. One should be looking at not just an endgame character with a deathblade, damage rings and high str etc., but also the middle game with no further items. Subtlety, in this case, works well with minimal investment, since you can take it with 8 Melee and Finesse (which you want anyway, if you're using light weapons).

(b) The way I think about Sil is that light weapons can work better on low str characters, and heavy weapons on high str characters. Thus, one can look at a character with 1 str, vs a character with 3 or 4 str. For low str characters, the extra points can instead be placed in dex or grace, where they can be very useful.

(c) The list of popular skills is useful, but one has to keep in mind the limitations. It doesn't make sense to compare Subtlety with Eye for Detail -- the cost, the skill tree and the positions in the tree are very different. The key thing to note is that Subtlety is taken with a specific playstyle in mind. For instance, you can straight away remove almost all games where a player has taken Power -- in those cases, the player will likely not take Subtlety.

(d) What people like to play and what is powerful, are not identical. Not every player can appreciate the power of some feature, or the said powerful feature might involve a lot of keypresses or tedium, or careful play, or whatever.

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