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Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
I gave this version a try since I just got back into Sil again, and it seems that smithing has gotten hit pretty hard by this fork, and it was already bad to begin with. Maybe it's just the items I like to make, but I see that round shields of deflection are harder to make, rings of accuracy and evasion are much harder to make (+2 accuracy and evasion is the same cost as a ring of dexterity, except the latter also boosts stealth and archery, +4 rings used to only be 31 difficulty), obviously the nerf of light weapons hurts smithing, boots of speed de facto unmakeable without masterpiece, no song of aule. Still can't make feanorian lamps of grace without artifice, which would make the smithing kit strategy far more bearable.

Maybe I just need to change my build order, since removal of artistry is a buff and you can make good corslets/helms at 100'.
Things have changed, though I think 8 out of 13 winners taking Smithing suggests it's in a good place right now.

The goal has been to flatten out the U-shaped power curve and make Smithing more useful throughout the game.

To summarise: artistry is free, there are guaranteed forges at 500' and 900', slays, fire-brand, sustains, resists, skill smithing costs are all cheaper. Drawbacks on enchanted gear now give you discounts.

End-game gear is much harder to make at 100', and sharpness and speed are a bit harder to manufacture. High-tree skills cost more XP to put on items, low-tree skills less.

In particular big boosts to Evasion and Accuracy have been made more expensive, partly because they were very good with free Artistry and partly because boosting a core skill to the build by 2 is not so far off in experience cost by boosting a number of skills by 1, and Dexterity also costs a temporary stat point. I might drop them by an offset of one; the scaling internally is a little crude and going from a seed of 5 to a seed of 6 has larger knock-on effects further up. Protection is however cheaper, as it is much better early game than late game.

Jewellery is still a little bit lacking at the ~10 Smithing point, and there are some additions in the next release coming to fix this, including protection rings becoming even cheaper. Armorsmithing is very viable with free artistry. Weaponsmithing has gained across the board with the exception of sharpness.

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