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I saw in one of the earlier threads that you had wanted to get rid of the "smithing kit" strategy. I think this would be good too, since juggling items kind of sucks. Maybe gloves of the forge and war hammers of smithing could be removed entirely? Even as smithed artifacts they're sort of lame, since you're in practice just burning a forge for 3 points of smithing and Masterpiece in most cases. You would have to adjust the difficulty down a bit though, since I think most people's first item on a smither is in many cases Gloves of the Forge <+2>. Another option would be to let people put grace on generic crowns and feanorian lamps and bring back Song of Aule. I'm not sure if it wouldn't be a bit overpowered in the endgame with smithing singer types, as I have never played one. It could lead to smithers being a bit overpowered compared to what the design goal seems to be (less U-shaped power curve), but it would get rid of the item juggling problem, since most things you'd be forging to boost your smithing are items you might like to wear anyway. Plus if you are going all in on smithing you are doing so to make cool items anyway.

Honestly just having Alchemy and not having to juggle a helm and 2 crowns (Loremaster + Grace) is a vast improvement over normal Sil. Replacing Gloves of the Forge and war hammers of smithing with points of grace and song of aule would be a much nicer experience. I always post about feanorian lamps of grace when writing about smithing but it really is a hassle to carry a lesser jewel just for 1 point of smithing, drop my feanorian lamp to provide lighting in the forge room, etc.
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