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Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
I had planned on trying Thresholds/Valor but I wasn't sure what precisely "defending a door" meant (I think it isn't really compatible with flanking?) and I didn't get around to taking Valor. If I had used it at 1000' I probably would have won out of heals and died.
Yeah, Thresholds triggers when you're standing in a doorway i.e. on top of a '. Not sure what the clearest text to get that across is.

It is a bit difficult getting the high-end songs to do enough to compete with combat/stealth, and most people don't take them. I've actually been debating buffing them a bit further in the hope people can be tempted. It's a lot of XP to invest in finding out how strong the song is so maybe it needs to be a little unbalanced-good to ensure people actually give it a try. With +3 Str and Dex I think you maybe need some way to benefit from the Str to really rock Valour.

Glad that Indomitable is pulling its weight though; it would be good to have Hardiness less dominant a pick in the Will tree.
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