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Hi Quirk, I'm enjoying your fork. Just beat it with a regular Feanor melee+evasion, now planning to try some more difficult/nuanced builds.

Feedback as requested:
The changes to item ID is perhaps one of the best single changes you've made as it never felt right in the base game. Re: alchemy IMO as is it should be moved to slot 5. Or alternatively, alchemy could stay cheap to ID potions/herbs and the ID for staves could move to the will tree, maybe added to channeling? The equipment ID on the smithing tree is good.

Song of challenge, the balance seems good, maybe slightly too powerful, as orc archers become easy to deal with only 2 points in song and 3 grace. It also downgrades cat assassins from a terror to annoying. I like the mechanic though and the monster stances, I think this mechanic should be developed further.

The betrayal curse is interesting but I wielded a betrayal bastard sword artifact for thousands of turns and never noticed it betraying me. It did shatter prying a simaril though, don't know if that has anything to do with it.
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