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Well, if you're going to design a new tree anyhow, how about removing smithing as a player skill alltogether? If you want to retain the smithing interface haing the Forges be staffed by enslaved Elven/Dwarfen smiths who creates bespoke items to the players specification on demand could be one solution instead.

As for new skill tree: something based on Knowledge/Wisdom/Lore Mastery would be nice and thematic. Some skills can be moved from the other Grace trees. Creating one unique artifact (using the smithing interface, and possibly a set amount of design points to prevent grace stacking) would be a nice ultimate skill.

My preference would be to also replace all current limited use items/effects with "Words of Command" (read: spells that behave as scrolls from other roguelikes) and have the same tree increase the utility (if not raw power) you gain from them.
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