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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Re smithing & grace items this gets annoying inventory-wise with vanyar spears & feanorian blades. I'd definitely keep artifacts like Maeglin's armour and the gloves. You could always make con the smithing stat. Most of the things you want to make cost con and if you smith con for your kit you use it.

At least spears of the vanyar or feanorian swords can have a use though. More so with the latter... but then you have to deal with the Danger thing the whole time. Questionable for one point of smithing.

Also, awkward problem(?) with putting smithing on con is that you're going to backload it like in regular Sil. Players will start putting Con<+2> on everything, and Con<+2> makes an item quite good in addition to boosting smithing in this hypothetical fork. See: Helm of Con<+2>, round shield of Con<+2>, amulet of Con<+2>, Mail Corslet of Con<+2>, etc. With just one or two less slots in the smithing kit smithing is fine, you can carry most items you need and your kit without issue.
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