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Alright, I think Sil is finally in a place good enough to release on the Play Store! It 'seems' stable enough for now. I still may need to update the package name (rather than com.Sil...) but I already registered a Google Developer account or whatever, so I just need to learn how to get stuff on there next.

Here is what I've accomplished since my last post:
  • Added original font. I left the new font alone, because after I painstakingly traced each bitmap character in the original 8x13 font to convert it to vector (android only likes vector fonts), I realized how truly awful it looks on phone screens. However, I did add a font option to preferences if you must have the classic look.
  • Fixed background colors. This means walls draw as solid blocks (assuming you have the option enabled), highlights work, etc.
  • Added transparency option for keyboard, along with the option to overlay it on top of the game view. Great for playing in landscape mode, similar to what you can do with DC:SS.
  • Introduced and then fixed a rather large bug related to the graphics being drawn. Still not sure what causes it, and why it doesn't happen with Angband Variants and DC:SS, since they use nearly identical code. If you pressed keys too fast, the game bitmap could be updated during a draw, causing minor glitches like overlapping or half-blanked-out text. I fixed it by rewriting the draw method to use a queue of characters that were set instead of external draw calls.
  • Other minor code improvements that shouldn't affect much.

Eventually, I would still like to get to most of what I had on my todo list before.
  • With the introduction of an overlaying keyboard, the 9 "squares" on the screen that are used for finger tap movement don't work when the transparent keyboard is overtop of them. Currently the only way around it is not to use an overlapping keyboard, sorry.
  • Slain monsters list doesn't appear
  • Add way to view manual from app, or at least link to it.
  • Having second thoughts about a single row sliding keyboard. I think the transparent option helps a lot, so it may be more effort than it's worth.
  • Want a way to copy over ALL settings from last character on a new one
  • Also having second thoughts about filling the whole screen with the game view. Not even sure if Sil would allow that type of aspect ration, to be honest. Let's hear your thoughts on this!
  • Probably won't make a way to drag the screen around. I dunno. I'll keep it in my list.

Anyway, I'll post another update when I actually have this thing on the Play Store.
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