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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
More will is probably good. I'd just be careful with hardiness & crit resist. Full song=+will is about 2 more levels of crit resist. It needs a powerup, you would just need to check the heavy armour guys don't become unkillable. Hardiness is a small bonus but it's all damage. It's rare to see the extreme protection end but if you use =protection, hardiness & armour use it'll take some heavy breathe damage. So yeah buff, just careful how much. Currently if it isn't a drake or balrog I'm preferencing trees when I take both.
Crit resistance won't affect the breath damage, but with Hardiness and 2d2 base protection, 12 Song or so could squeeze out [2-6] protection added by Staying vs the [1-4] players would have now. This is quite a decent upgrade but I think will still keep the big breathers as pretty dangerous.

A high-evasion character with appropriate resists can be quite hard to kill also, so I'm not too worried about characters being very hard to kill; I do want to ensure that Staying doesn't become more effective for this purpose than Song of Overwhelming further up. Overwhelming has a significantly greater neutralising effect in melee, but requires more work and doesn't count for much against breath weapons.
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