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I'm wondering if you improved Polearms too much? I'm currently wielding a 1d15 great spear of vanyar, as I lack a good one hander. It's 5.5 lb so with finesse I get crit if 10 over. If I use the Dagmar shortsword I have (1d8), even with subtlety, it's weaker. Crit if 5 over since its 2 lb. It's 1d19 vs 1d10 (I have 4 str). And the spear I could add charge, Polearm mastery, and impale to (I have none of those).

If I get 1-4, it's 1d19 vs 1d10. If 5-9, 1d19 vs 2d10. If 10-14, it's 2d19 vs 3d10. If 15-19, 2d19 vs 4d10.

Both have +2 melee bonus and 1 evasion, and +1 song and extra light. So there's no reason for me to use the artifact shortsword over the enchanted great spear.

I'd have to add rapid attack just to get the shortsword to compete (1d9 X2 vs 1d16 X2, which then favors the shortsword more on criticals a bit). But then if I add impale and Polearm mastery, the great spear will win again. With momentum gone, lighter weapons now suck. Subtlety is vastly superior to 2 handed if you exclude whatever enchantments the 2nd weapon has, so that doesn't help either.

If I switch to my longsword (2d8 with str), crit on +6 with subtlety. So 1-5, 2d8 vs 1d19. 6-9, 3d8 vs 1d19. 10-11, 3d8 vs 2d19. 12-17, 4d8 vs 2d19. 18-19, 5d8 vs 2d19. Longsword gets crushed (not to mention it loses 2 melee). A 2d6 2lb longsword (I don't have one), would be 1-4, 2d8 vs 1d19, 5-9, 3d8 vs 1d19, 10-14, 4d8 vs 2d19, 15-19, 5d8 vs 2d19. Better, but I'd still take the spear easily.

If I use my great sword 3d6, I lose 4 melee, same weight. So becomes 3d10. Realistically, it'd be -3 to 0, 0 vs 1d19, 1 -6, 3d10 vs 1d19, 7-9, 3d10 vs 2d19, 10-16, 4d10 vs 2d19. This is probably a toss up, although with a high enough melee bonus the spear will pull ahead. Again not including Polearm mastery, which gives the advantage to the spear.

Maybe I'm missing something, and I know abilities like cruel blow factor in as well, but for damage I'd take a spear.

I forgot to do a 1lb shortsword. 1-3, 1d9 vs 1d19. 4-7, 2d9 vs 1d19. 8-9, 3d9 vs 1d19. 10-11, 3d9 vs 2d19. 12-15, 4d9 vs 2d19. 16-19, 5d9 vs 2d19. This actually is about equal, until you throw in charge, impale, Polearm mastery.

I might consider changing subtlety to 3 points, and improving 2 handed fighting in some way as well (parry count for off hand too? Even though it's unrealistic).

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