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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
For Prelude, have you considered letting it give you a boost to your song skill that gradually decays once you switch away from it?

Either way, I'd be a little worried about this meaning that people spend some time hiding around a corner singing themselves up, before they switch to the song they really want.
I was actually thinking of a fairly short delay e.g. the immediate next turn you have access to Elbereth and Challenge, the turn after Silence and Freedom, then Trees and Delvings, then Staying and Lorien, then Overwhelming and Mastery. Perhaps faster than that. It should be just enough delay to be very slightly worse than having the song, and drain a little bit of Voice off at the beginning.

Getting players to take the top end of the Song tree is hard. Sharpness was taken because getting Sils was difficult without it. Anything that lives up there has to be very strong, though preferably not in a way that combos too nicely for Lorien sneakers or melts Morgoth. This might be too good, though at least that would hopefully inspire somebody to try it.
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