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I've put together an implementation with Steady Hands and Running Shot. The latter is powerful: getting to pepper enemies with arrows while remaining outside their reach is quite a game changer. I have accordingly given it a very steep accuracy penalty. It does have the drawback that you tend to end up quite far away from where you began so it's harder to collect your fallen arrows over the course of the fight.

I haven't embarked on a substantial rework of bows and ammunition yet, though Derakon's comments on the thematic weakness of slay bows remain with me and I probably will try to find a way to move them away from slays. Ammunition drop rates will in the longer run be tweaked to give more arrows near the surface, and more powerful arrows will be a bit rarer. I plan to release a testable version in the next few days, I may or may not do a little tweaking to bows and arrows first.
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