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So it looks like Morgoth made it to the first 950 at least but wandered round not finding you - probably because of Vanish. I'm basing this on the "It whispers..." text at about 6:00 and a little before - this is the bug I was referring to where Morgoth's song of piercing is transmuted to the Dim attack. We would only be seeing this if Morgoth were somewhere on the level. Not having a functioning song of piercing will also stop Morgoth from chasing you down as effectively.

I'll still be looking to pretty up the 950 stairs down interaction and the reported rubble spawn issue.

MITZE: not ignoring you, but I have to check the code and I've barely been in the house except to sleep this week. Will get back to you soonish I hope if I can grab some time before flying on Sunday.
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