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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
You've found what looks to be an exciting original Sil bug - when you have more than one source of wrath, it appears that they cancel out! Have verified this is an issue in Sil 1.3, and put in a fix for the next release.
It figures that—once again—I am my own worst enemy; I didn't even need to stick Wrath-curse on that second self-made artifact since I already had it from the first one, but I did it anyway because of shits and giggles and why not?

EDIT: Just had another death where monsters were (intermittingly) merely Confident as opposed to Aggressive while I was wearing a source of Wrath; this time against a troll guard, which aren't known for fleeing in any case. I was wearing only once source of Wrath this time, for what it's worth.
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