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8 points in smithing + Weaponsmith, Artifice, Masterpiece is only 6600 xp though (5900 if you go through the hassle of making a Masterpiece Hammer), and gets you a 4d5 Sharp Greataxe with a few picked up smithing boosters, as well as a free action (and see invisible) shortbow (in case you don't pick up that new free action longbow artifact).
Largely what is tearing Morgoth up late game is Smithing-inflated stats and extra damage sides. That said, the smithing investments across the rest of the wins are quite diverse, but mostly taken early to take advantage of the 100' forge - some with long-term Artifice in mind, some making early enchanted gear at 100' and upgrading to resist gear or stat-boost gear at the 500' forge, some just grabbing a guaranteed bow at 100'. Personally I tend to find the guaranteed Feanorian lamp a decent pull toward Jeweller.
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