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So I've discussed this a bit with wobbly already, and won't say much more than: I think the song proficiency on elves is absolutely canon, dwarves and men are rarely seen working magic through song if at all. There is the possibility that it leads to every elf being a singer of some description, but that may be okay, and I do note that not every elf invests in archery at present despite its obvious power.

Originally Posted by Infinitum
Speaking of, maybe downgrade the archery affinity to a bow proficiency for the elves (with Falas receiving an archery affinity as well). Elves are plenty strong as is.
This is a perfect and elegant idea. Swap out the archery affinity for song affinity, and sword proficiency for bow proficiency. I very much like this.

With regard to songs being split by race: currently it's been quite hard to balance them without imposing further restrictions, so I'm not sure how I feel about this. It would be somewhat difficult to make it work as you've suggested - Trees couldn't go at 1 elegantly, as many characters wouldn't have the requisite 5 points to get even one light level of benefit, Staying would be monstrously powerful, etc - but splitting songs between races would go some way to resolve the current crush of songs that need the investment to be cheap to be viable (Elbereth, Challenge, Silence, Freedom, Delvings, Thresholds). That said, we then weirdly incentivise the dwarven or human singer, which is dubiously canonical.

With regard to removing Dex/Strength maluses, I think my preference would be to remove a Con point from the Sindar, and a Grace point from the dwarves. Nogrod would then gain back the Grace point to be the same as before, and Belegost would swap the Dex malus for having 0 Grace. This preserves the bruiser nature of Belegost and may even be a small buff. Sindar will lose out some from not having the extra Con, but I think Sindar are currently decently stronger than Naugrim.

I do think it would be interesting to have some skills which were race-dependent, but it's easier said than done. Coming up with one decent skill to fill a slot in a manner which is balanced enough that it gets taken on some builds and not others is hard enough, never mind finding three, and having them all suit neatly into racial stereotypes. Trying to do this for multiple trees or multiple skills in the same tree will get wearing fast. Having a separate tree for them might work but feels like it might prove inelegant.

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