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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Just looking at how chest contents actually work I can see why I've always felt there was something skew-if here. Like I can see the logic behind it, a box full of healing potions make sense but I'm not convinced the result is good.

Part of the trouble is 3 is a significant number in how people recognise patterns. You start regularly pulling up a pattern of 3, then a slightly off-pattern of 3, then no pattern. It's an incredibly jarring effect.
Yes. I'm not sure themed chests work very well as they are at present. That said, I'm not sure any permutation of them will seem very realistic without further tweaks to dungeon generation: I could expect certain results out of chests in a treasury, an armoury and a pharmacy, but the game doesn't have any of these, just random chests in random rooms populated by a number of vaguely thematic monsters.

Interim suggestions are welcome.
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