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Since you've picked up Flanking, Dodging would be the skill with the most obvious synergy. I think I'd use what you've learned from the pacifist runs to play quite cautiously, this Edain will be a bit under-powered. Most of your XP should probably go into Melee and Evasion early on.

Use your bow, archery is a bit too good in 1.3. Archery attacks vs 1/2 Evasion, so it's quite solid even without investing much in it. You may want to skip using the gauntlets if you're using archery a lot.

I'm not sure how best to use your Grace. If you're making a melee run, Slaying and probably Sharpness are going to be eventually necessary or nearly so, and you can probably afford another song or two on top of that. For early survivability Elbereth has its uses - it won't work against wolves and spiders, but it does scare off smarter foes. I'd keep that in mind if you find yourself facing a lot of orcs, you only need about 600 XP investment to get Elbereth online (though at such low Song it's probably only early orcs you'll be able to scare off). I would keep the investment back until you need it though. You don't have enough Grace to have a large Voice pool, you're an Edain, so it probably requires more precision in song usage than you can reasonably muster to go in heavily on Elbereth. Sil 1.3 singer strategy basically boils down to Silence/Lorien, Elbereth/archery build, or the default Slaying/Sharpness, and the last is really viable for the late game and throne room only. Freedom and Trees provide good utility but you can't really invest in them at the expense of Melee and Evasion, you need to wait until they're relatively cheap compared to Melee and Evasion upgrades.

Hardiness is nice to have eventually, but I'd leave it until the cost of getting it is less than increasing Melee and Evasion by a couple of points.
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