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Derakon: My personal opinion is that games where it was impossible to win without picking a certain race or class is too much of an extreme for me to get into. For one, if it is literally impossible to win with a certain race or class, that option shouldn’t exist. I mean, nobody wants to pick a race that literally says “You lose!” and takes you back to the starting screen. Granted that’s a huge extreme, but I believe in games that allow you to win with every combination of race and class. Fortunately, the great majority of roguelikes, including this one, provide a credible path, although it will be very difficult for certain combinations, to do just that. Trying to find out these paths is part of the fun. Hell, that’s what I did for vanilla Angband.

Fph: That’s a very interesting explanation of real life, and there are quite a bit of truths there. The only problem with that analogy is that in some games (Nethack comes to mind due to partial randomness) you don’t precisely know which stats you start out with before you have to pick your class. For those games, I do think random class selection is justified, although this is an imperfect fix. For this game, I did randomly choose my race and starting stat bonuses to simulate life. As for the houses, I made a judgement call and randomized that since the house (or caste if you want to be historical) you were born in is beyond your control and selected from birth.

Anyway, my fourth character got killed, so it is now time for a brief review from a n00b’s perspective (or an outsider if you want a more polite term used):

Complete Noob’s Journey: Epilogue

The game definitely has promise, and I can see why there is so much interest in it, since there are a lot of mechanics that often force you to think outside the traditional box that one might develop from traditional hack and slash games. My only concern is that getting into the game requires selecting a single race (the Noldor) and sticking to certain stat distributions and builds for the gameplay experience to be reasonable. Now, I understand the races are supposed to be difficulty levels, but for a total newcomer to roguelikes, this knowledge is counterintuitive. If a person’s imagination has a secret affinity to be a dwarf or a human, they might want to instinctively select these races without consideration to difficulties. It also is not rather obvious on what skills to get when pursuing a certain build, and trying to properly allocate experience requires quite a bit of research (through either youtube or forum posts) or direct consultation with other users.

One minor gripe is that there should be a way to force chests open (like you can with doors) by either kicking them or throwing them against the wall. In a lot of roguelikes, such an option was open when picking the lock failed, albeit at the cost of destroying some of the items’ contents.

I think that the in-game tutorial and tips to get new players started is a very big help and a plus in general, as the actual gameplay itself can easily hook players given enough time. I also like the simplification, realism, and accuracy to Tolkien’s writing that the game adheres to, which further adds to the authentic experience. The art in the manual in particular is totally killer as well.

My conclusion? The game is well thought out and is an excellent game to play for roguelike fanatics. It is really immersive and plays to our genuine fantasy tastes while keeping things realistic in the right way. It occupies a unique niche in the world of roguelikes, which stays in your mind once you experience it. The learning curve can be a tad too difficult for quite a few players to enjoy, though. The game really has made an excellent attempt of smoothing it out, though, at the severe expense of player choice. My overall ability and knowledge in the game, however, falls squarely on the Poor category, since I only managed to get to the 350 ft level at best.

I would like to thank all of you for giving me tips and support for playing this game, some of you which I must renew my gratitude for those of you that know me in my vanilla Angband experience. And the community is certainly a great one to get involved in for both this game and Angband, and I wish you all the best of luck moving forward.

So now, I will move on to my final game in my second roguelike tour of duty: Pixel Dungeon. I don’t suppose anyone has any input on how to survive for that game? If anyone does, I’d appreciate any such tips.
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