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Originally Posted by wizard44 View Post
Now, I understand the races are supposed to be difficulty levels, but for a total newcomer to roguelikes, this knowledge is counterintuitive. If a person’s imagination has a secret affinity to be a dwarf or a human, they might want to instinctively select these races without consideration to difficulties.
To be honest, if you've read the source material, you might already have the impression that elves are easy mode, and it's definitely described as such in the manual.

Originally Posted by wizard44 View Post
It also is not rather obvious on what skills to get when pursuing a certain build, and trying to properly allocate experience requires quite a bit of research (through either youtube or forum posts) or direct consultation with other users.
Well, there isn't really one correct way to build. Different players will choose different options. Some things work together better than others. One thing I think is a bit awkward with Sil is that heavy early investment in abilities is a bit of a trap for melee characters, and often a new player will do better by investing solely in the skills for the first few hundred feet.

Originally Posted by wizard44 View Post
The learning curve can be a tad too difficult for quite a few players to enjoy, though.
You may have experienced a little more difficulty than most, but I would agree that the early levels are a bit brutal in original Sil (Sil-Q has toned down difficulty early, and lifted it a bit in the late game).

There are unfortunately various legacies of Angband past buried in that overly complex keyboard layout. I much prefer Brogue's scheme, but I really don't want to support another set of key bindings, so I've been leaving the controls as they are with Sil-Q despite their somewhat arbitrary and off-putting nature.

If there are other things you can think of that make the game difficult to adjust to, I'd be glad to hear details.
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