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Originally Posted by pav View Post
Wouldn't it be misleading if the dump is made in Town (do we have Town in this game?)
There isn't a Town, but there is a complication here: after you acquire a Silmaril (or if you're feeling particularly brave/foolhardy, more than one), you're trying to escape, and get to as shallow a depth as possible. There is a level at 0ft: the Gates of Angband.

This is where I think half might have better insight in how to get it to work (as he wrote the code to get the in-game high scores based on this), but I'll summarise: the following is a list (with gaps) in increasing order of impressiveness, where * denotes possession of a Silmaril.

* 1000ft
** 1000ft
*** 1000ft
* 950ft
** 950ft
* 0ft
* Escaped
** Escaped
*** Escaped

So having a Silmaril dominates not having one; if you have a Simaril you want to be as shallow as possible, with ties broken by number of Silmarils; if you don't have a Silmaril you want to be as deep as possible. Any remaining ties are I believe resolved in favour of low turn count.
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