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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
One last thing. Save-scumming is great for eliminating "negative" luck, but isn't really ideal for positive luck (like a 4-forge floor). I'm not familiar enough with Sil to know whether or not positive luck is necessary for a victory.
I think elimination of bad luck is much more useful than generation of good luck. Someone who makes fewer mistakes than me could probably benefit more from the latter, but I still make a lot of bad decisions. Thus, the fewer tense situations I get into, the better

For example, if I'm playing a stealth character and I find a sharpness weapon earlier, that could potentially help a LOT. But I'd much rather have fewer floors with a lot of cat assassins on them, since they're just bad news no matter what for a stealthy stabber.

There was a while where I'd savescum the same character over and over again from 700' onwards just to become accustomed to the monsters at those depths. It's really amazing how, upon entering a new floor, leaving out of the starting room from one door instead of another can make a HUGE difference in difficulty!
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