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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
It may be worth noting that I ended up abandoning my first and only fortress. Things were moving along OK, I had a pretty good grip on the interface. If I had to put it in a nut shell, I'd say the more dwarves that I had as whole, the less I cared about any of them individually. I enjoyed playing DF (to a point). Maybe I'll play again, but then again, maybe not. I never did figure out how to trade, just how to give all my trade goods away.
This problem with "too many dwarfs" is one that I had too. There were other things that annoyed me with the game, like not being able to tell people not to carry their kids into combat or combat training, forcing you to either turn off child generation or make your military all male. The entire military interface is a huge clusterfuck, and it's not easily solvable through dwarf therapist. These are things that are unlikely to be fixed anytime soon.

On the other hand, I recently picked up gnomoria which is sort of a DF clone with an isometric view. It's missing a lot of really cool things in DF, like the world history and the crazy artifacts and engraved images, but the military interface is much better (although not great) and there's a soft cap at something like 40-50 gnomes, which is much more reasonable than the 150 you have in DF. The population limit alone makes it more enjoyable to me.
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