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I usually carry 20+ ?phase doors on my second descent into the dungeon. I've died many times from running out of them. But I play pretty recklessly

I agree about buying !Cure Critical Wound and going after evil critters. Not sure if you're playing with tiles or ascii, but if ascii avoid all j's except blue ones are pretty harmless and black ones drop stuff. White ones poison, but aren't as dangerous/problematic as most other j's. Avoid green creeping coins like the plague. Most non unique h's and p's are good targets (dark elven dwarves are pretty dangerous [they're the most dangerous early h])--not sure their native depth). Beware the stegocentipede as it's fast and will kill ya quick if you're not ready for him. Water and air hounds (gray Zs and green Zs) are bad news, as are mirkwood spiders (green S). Tan X (Umber Hulk) will bee line to you through rock and kill you (he's native to like DL14 or so). Escape him or die. Yes, some of the cats and tigers are also pretty vicious. You're lucky that you see invisible as a High Elf which will mean some of the Ghosts that can be kinda terrifying won't pose so much trouble to you. Hummerhorns (Yellow I's) They're a death sentence if you don't have a staff of teleportation as they multiply extremely quickly and confuse. Orange hydras (M) are pretty scary and fast and are also eager to kill you. Bolg and Azog (especially Azog) are both dangerous at their depths; they are native to around DL21 and DL23 and often show up together.

Most of these threats I've mentioned show up after DL14. It's hard for me to really know what is dangerous before DL14 because I play HT Warrior and he just crushes everything below that depth with ease.
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